xx Nu-Smell Plus Odour Treatment RTU Spray

Nu-Smell Plus is an extremely powerful and ready to use odour control product that uses biotechnology to eliminate at the source the unpleasant odours often found in bathrooms and toilets.

Ideal for use in public toilets, centres for the elderly, childcare centres and portable toilets.

  • Eliminates urine odour
  • Long lasting effect

Innu-science is the global leader in commercial cleaning solutions based on biotechnology; introduced with success to the UK market in 2009, Innu-Science have a full line of highly effective, eco-friendly, non-toxic products.
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Feature Benefit
Innu-Science products can perform better than chemicals Achieves better cleaning standards
Highly concentrated products allow for cost savings Saves you money
Products are non-hazardous, & contain no VOCs or EDTAs Creates a safer working environment
EU-Ecolabel certified Ecologically responsible
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